Loans that make business acquisition affordable

Buying an existing business is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurship and growth. Whether you’re purchasing an existing business or franchise or buying out a current business partner, you’ll need a loan that’s structured to meet your unique situation and needs. Learn how a Pursuit loan can help set you up for success. With affordable rates and terms, you’ll be one step closer to reaching your business goals.

What is a business acquisition loan?

When you want to buy an existing business, but don’t have the cash on hand, you’ll want a loan to help cover the cost.

You can use a Pursuit loan to finance several types of business acquisitions. This includes the purchase of:

  • An existing business
    Buying an existing business often presents less risk than starting from the ground up, but may require more upfront costs. A Pursuit business loan can help set you up for success.
  • A franchise
    This is a great option for entrepreneurs with the know-how to run a business but not the time to invest in establishing a new brand. A business acquisition loan can help you get your franchise up-and-running.
  • A partner’s share in a business that you currently co-own
    Business partnerships can end for a number of reasons. Regardless of why, equip yourself with the capital you’ll need to make your business your own.

Affordable business acquisition financing through Pursuit

Pursuit offers responsible and affordable options to fund your business ambition. When you start an application online or by phone, we’ll work with you one-on-one to find the program that best fits your financing needs.

You’ll have access to the following benefits when funding your business acquisition with Pursuit:

  • Loans up to $5 million and beyond
  • Requirements designed to put purchasing new franchises and established businesses within reach
  • Affordable terms up to 10 years

Getting started

It’s helpful to know what to expect when you’re applying for a business acquisition loan.

To position yourself for success, it’s helpful to prepare a business valuation. This is not required to start an application, but will help later down the line when you need to determine the value of the business you’re purchasing. Knowing the current value of the business will help you estimate the cost of acquisition.

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