My Pursuit small business loan

Check your Pursuit loan balance

If you’re looking to check the balance on your Pursuit business loan, please contact Albana Ziko at [email protected].

Pay off your Pursuit loan

If you’re looking to pay off your Pursuit business loan, please contact Jeremy Fish at (518) 810-0874 or [email protected].

Request a loan modification

We work hard to make sure your funding meets your needs and understand that circumstances may change. A modification may be made to the terms of your Pursuit loan due to:

  • COVID-19 hardships
  • A change in ownership
  • Subordination with or without new money
  • The release, substitution or sale of collateral, and more
To request a modification to your Pursuit business loan, please click here to submit a request through our online portal.

Please note: Due to the parameters of the program, Pursuit is unable to make any modifications to New York Forward loans after they have funded.