The right financing for your retail business

Your retail business is more than a place to sell goods: tt’s how you connect with people. You continuously evolve to keep customers satisfied and stay ahead of your competition. And you know that experiences count, whether your store is online or on Main Street.

Whether you’re looking to buy or renovate the ideal commercial property, contract with manufacturers or purchase inventory, hire a team that brings your vision to life, or market your retail business to reach your ideal customers, when your ambition is matched with the right funding, you can achieve everything you envision.

Fund your retail business through Pursuit

You have the ambition and dedication to work toward your business goals. Pursuit will be there with lending solutions, resources and guidance to help your retail business get funded.
Start an application online or by phone, and work one-on-one with us to find the program that best fits your unique financing needs.

When you work with Pursuit, your retail business will benefit from:

  • A variety of loan programs that offer financing from $10,000 to $5.5 million and beyond
  • Loan products to serve retail businesses at any stage
  • Convenient financing – some loans can be funded in as little as 5 business days
  • Requirements that can help you get to a “yes” quickly
  • A lender that will guide you through each step of the loan process

Getting started

Getting ready to apply? These tips will help you get started and secure the right financing for your retail business.

To start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you intend to use your loan?
  • What do you need to purchase or upgrade to provide your ideal client experiences?
  • Who do you need on your team to make that happen?
  • How will you reach and grow your customer base?

Coming prepared with answers to these questions will help decide how your loan funds will be used and how much you’ll need to borrow. Examples of loan uses for your retail business may include:

  • Purchasing, building or renovating an ideally located storefront
  • Buying, storing and shipping merchandise, whether the goods are produced just for you or drop-shipped from worldwide wholesalers
  • Hiring, training and retaining your team, including store staff or outsourced professionals
  • Building your customer base through a strategic and targeted marketing plan

Next, it’s time to prepare your business plan. It’s not required, but the process can help you solidify your business ideas. Start by outlining how your business addresses a need in the retail industry, information about your target market, your competitive advantages and your financials. If you’re a startup, this may include financial projections.

It also pays to outline your sales trends and gross profit margin, along with the top products you sell and their price points.

Examples of how retail businesses have grown with Pursuit

Discover what’s possible for your retail business. See how we’ve helped businesses like yours work toward their goals.

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Get started

With the right idea and the right financing, the world is yours. From start-up and business acquisition loans to commercial real estate financing, move your retail business upward with a Pursuit loan.

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