Success Stories

Charlotte Guyton
“I’m a Type-A personality, so I loved the process. I’m naturally organized and always looking for ways to be more efficient and effective and having to put all of my business ideas and financial projections down on paper actually made it enjoyable for me.”
Jerry Deslandes
“When we needed help or had questions, we got the information we needed quickly, which kept the process moving. And although it took time to close both of the loans, it was worth it. We got great terms and in the years since, the service has been terrific.”
Chris Keller
“I knew how to scale my business, I just didn’t have the time or resources to execute it with all of the clients that I had. And that’s where the funding came in. The financing I received from Pursuit allowed me to spend more time growing my business than just servicing my clients."
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
As the brewery has grown and evolved, Scott has turned to SBA loan programs to finance and invest in the future of Captain Lawrence. He was first introduced Pursuit in 2010 while seeking financing to move into a larger facility. “I like to think that was the moment we ‘grew up’ as a business and a brewery,” says Scott.

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