Below-market rates and up to 90% financing for commercial real estate loans

As a commercial real estate broker, you work hard to find your clients the best option when they’re looking to purchase a location for their business. Whether your client seeks to purchase a fully-equipped restaurant on a well-trafficked street, a manufacturing facility that needs significant renovation, or a simple office location, consider Pursuit your partner in helping them qualify for the mortgage needed to make their dream a reality.

Offering your clients a commercial real estate loan through Pursuit can help you close more deals including those that otherwise would fall through the cracks due to lack of financing. Let us help you attract more buyers with affordable rates and terms.

Pursuit offers small business loans in NY, NJ and PA.

Affordable owner-occupied commercial real estate loans through Pursuit

Lower interest rates, longer terms, and a higher loan-to-value ratio can benefit almost any business looking to purchase owner-occupied commercial real estate. These features can also help make larger purchases a reality.

Partner with Pursuit to offer your customers:

  • Fixed, below-market interest rates – Your client will benefit from monthly payments that will be consistent throughout the life of their loan, and below-market rates create savings in the long run. View current rates.
  • Terms of up to 25 years – Longer loan terms mean lower monthly payments and increased affordability for your client.
  • Up to 90% financing – A high loan-to-value ratio makes it possible for your client to afford a down payment or purchase a more expensive property than they would otherwise be able. And, many fees and soft costs can be financed into the loan, lowering upfront costs significantly.
  • Streamlined financing – With a Pursuit loan, your client can finance the property purchase as well as soft costs, equipment and renovations with just one loan.
  • Efficient process – Your client’s Pursuit loan can be fully funded on a timeline similar to conventional commercial mortgages.

Learn more about our owner-occupied commercial real estate loan program.

Help businesses of all shapes and sizes find competitive commercial mortgages

You work with diverse business customers, from startups and growing businesses to established enterprises. A wide variety of businesses find value in Pursuit’s flexible terms, requirements and favorable rates for owner-occupied commercial mortgages, including:

  • Established businesses seeking to move or open up multiple locations
  • Growing businesses that require flexible loan terms in order to qualify
  • Businesses seeking financing for extensive multi-million dollar projects
  • Businesses funding smaller property purchases

If you have a client who could benefit, contact Pursuit.

Work with a trusted lending partner

When you refer a business customer to Pursuit for a commercial mortgage, you’re putting them in the hands of a trusted partner with decades of experience finding out-of-the-box, innovative solutions that make loans possible. We’ll work just as hard for your client as you do.

Pursuit’s approach balances speed with due diligence to ensure that your client is provided with a loan that sets their business up for success in the long term. Contact a lender today to learn more about our approach to making commercial mortgages affordable.

Partner with Pursuit

Sometimes, you need to offer businesses products, terms or requirements that complement traditional banking. That’s where Pursuit can help.

Partner REsources

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