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When you work with business owners, you’re sure to meet those who need loan products, terms or requirements that aren’t offered at traditional lending institutions. As their advisor, you need a reliable partner who can provide them—and you—with solutions and a path forward. Refer your business clients to Pursuit and confidently place them in the hands of a trusted, experienced business lender.

Pursuit offers small business loans in NY, NJ and PA.

How it works

You can refer your client to anyone at Pursuit and know that they’ll be connected with the right loan for their business, financial situation, and funding timeline. Since Pursuit directly offers more than 15 loan programs, your client will have streamlined access to multiple funding options and increased chances of finding a loan.

Here’s how you can get your client started with Pursuit:

  • Contact us directly. If you or your client prefer a more personal approach, contact your Pursuit representative or call us at 1-866-466-9232 if you’re not yet working with one. We’ll discuss your client’s business and funding situation and you’ll get an overview of options and next steps. This is a great option for more complex deals or if you’d like to assess eligibility before your client starts the process.
  • Have your client start an application online. Business owners can get started in as little as 5 minutes and, in some cases, fully apply online. This works best for business owners who need fast funding or who prefer the convenience of an online process.

Once you or your client has provided basic information, they’ll work with us one-on-one to determine which business loan program is the best fit. Required documents and funding timelines vary by program. Once initial eligibility and program fit is determined, your client will receive a document checklist and estimated time-to-funding.

You can choose to be as involved in the process as you like, and we’ll keep you updated on the status of your referral.

Getting started

If you’re interested in partnering with Pursuit to provide your business customers with access to financing, contact a Pursuit lender today. We’ll talk through the type of clients you work with and help you understand the funding options available to them. If you think that Pursuit is a good fit for your clients, you can access a variety of tools including Pursuit marketing materials, training for you and/or your staff on our programs and process, and more.

Why Pursuit?

You have choices when it comes to partnering to offer your clients business loans. So why choose Pursuit?

Your client will benefit from access to the more than 15 loan programs directly offered by Pursuit and our creative, innovative approach to finding funding. You’ll both find the right balance between speed and responsible lending that sets businesses up for long-term success. Your client’s loan will be handled with the care and expertise that can only be found through a partner with 65+ years of business lending experience.

By keeping the door to business financing open, you’ll set your client up for long-term success and strengthen your working relationship with them. It’s a win-win for you, your client, and your broader community. Above all, it’s about doing what needs to be done to help small businesses reach higher.

Partner with Pursuit

Sometimes, you need to offer businesses products, terms or requirements that complement traditional banking. That’s where Pursuit can help.

Partner REsources

Read how Jatee Kearsley, owner of the Parisian-style bakery, Je T’aime Patisserie, created a thriving bakery with help from a New York City Opportunity Fund loan and business consulting services from Pursuit.

Je T’Aime Patisserie: A Parisian-Style Bakery Thrives with Help from Pursuit

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