Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel: An SBA Microloan and Pursuit’s Business Advisory Services

Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel

Spiritual Medium Erika Gabriel has read for thousands of people around the world, from Monterey, California to Mongolia and everywhere in between. Here’s how Pursuit helped her secure financing with an SBA Microloan and, in Erika’s words, to gain “life-changing opportunities” with Pursuit’s Business Advisory Services team.

A lifelong spiritual connection becomes a professional calling

“I’ve always been spiritual and, at my core, I’ve always been a medium, even if I didn’t fully understand that or know how to follow my path,” Erika says.

She recalls that it was a visit to another medium that opened the door for her, saying, “After she helped me understand my calling, things fell into place and within weeks, I was doing readings and helping people reconnect with loved ones who had passed onto spirit. It was a revelation, really, a beautiful bow tied on the package that is my life’s work.”

That was about 15 years ago and her business has been steady since. She also hosts a popular podcast, “You are Not Alone;” has been featured in several publications, including The New York Times, Goop and Forbes; and is a guest on several television broadcasts.

“In this line of work, the path chooses you, so you have to fully commit to it,” Erika explains about taking the next steps to build her business.

A specialized business can mean financing challenges

“Tuning into spirit work with others has helped me look for ways to move my own life forward,” Erika says. Her days are steadily booked and with more potential clients than time, she looked for ways to leverage her skills to meet demand and alleviate one of the major challenges that service providers face – trading hours for dollars.

She developed her first online course, Spirit Guides, to help people recognize and connect with their spirit guides. “It’s one thing to offer in-the-moment connection for my clients and I value that immensely,” she says, “but it’s entirely next-level to provide them with the tools they need to make continuous connections with their spirit guides to benefit them throughout their lives.”

Getting a small business loan to help her leverage her opportunities was a much bigger challenge.

Even traditional lines of business like restaurants, retail shops, and medical practices can face challenges qualifying for financing from conventional lenders, such as banks and credit unions. Given this, it’s not hard to image the additional challenges that Erika faced.

“I approached lenders without success, before finding Pursuit,” she says.

Pursuit’s team gets to know Erika and her business – and supports her success

Erika says, “My husband came across Pursuit and we figured that I had nothing to lose by reaching out. From that moment on, I was totally blown away by the support I received.”

She says that Vice President and Senior Business Development Officer Angel Rosario got to know her and her business vision, then helped her secure an SBA Microloan.

“Working with Angel has been terrific. He made the process easy and knowing that he was available to answer questions alleviated the stress that comes with applying for loans. He has been a tremendous advocate for me and my business,” Erika says.

In autumn of 2022, she was approved for an SBA Microloan. “That was really just the start of this incredible journey with Pursuit,” she says. She also learned that as an SBA Microloan recipient, she’s eligible for Pursuit’s free Business Advisory Services (BAS), that position her Ardmore, PA-based business for the next stage of growth.

Pursuit’s Business Advisory Services: Game-changing insight for SBA Microloan recipients

BAS Senior Consultant Malini Krishna leads a team that’s working with Erika to hone her online offerings, digital presence, and marketing strategies. So far, Erika’s received expert help with website development, video editing, public relations, and marketing.

“The business-support services are a game-changer,” Erika says. “Malini has helped me reimagine what I could do and encouraged me to really push the boundaries of what I envisioned.” As a result, Erika has developed a new course that’s taking her business – and her ability to help others – to a level she hadn’t imagined she could achieve.

On February 7, 2023, Erika launched her new course, The Way, to provide three powerful lessons that will help people find and follow their true purpose. Anyone can benefit and it’s particularly helpful for people who are feeling stuck, uninspired, anxious, or otherwise confused about what the future holds and how to make choices that take you down the right path.

Erika says, “I’m so energized and excited by the potential to help others with the launch of The Way and honestly, it wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have Pursuit’s help.”

Pursuit has the financing, resources, expertise, and support to help you succeed

“The financing, business support, kindness, and thoughtfulness that I’ve received from Pursuit are life-changing,” Erika says.

Contact us today to learn more. Pursuit offers more than 15 small business loan options, including the SBA Microloan, to help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

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