Six Juice Company Secures Working Capital to Build Its Dream Storefront

Ron Montgomery Owner of Six Juice Company

When Ron Montgomery’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, he knew he needed to take action to support her through chemotherapy treatments. He started concocting juices for her to drink while in the hospital to replace the standard fare of sugary sodas and cakes.

Seeing how his juices provided vital nutrition for his mom through treatment, Ron knew he needed to find a meaningful way to spread this awareness and healthy lifestyle to others. In 2017, he started Six Juice Company to serve affordable and freshly squeezed juices to his Long Island, NY, community. 

“I never started a business because I wanted to make money. I started a business to help people. Every time I sell a bottle of juice that’s me telling my mom or dad that I love them,” says Ron.

Here’s how he worked with Pursuit to take his successful, growing business to the next level by opening his own brick-and-mortar location.

Building Six Juice Company’s successful business foundation

From the beginning, Ron set a high standard of quality for his products and asked key questions to form his business plan.

The business grew from Ron making juices in his kitchen with a $40 juicer to a commercially licensed kitchen where he could produce his juices for local farmers’ markets. This experience helped him determine his target market while spreading the word about his new venture.

“At the time, I didn’t know what to expect. I just did!” says Ron. “I formed a solid foundation, and every week, I acquired about ten new clients.”

As his business grew, Ron expanded from farmers’ markets to kiosks in local malls, and he started hiring staff to help him build it. He started offerings more than juices, adding to-go wraps and vegan cupcakes to the menu, and built a steady client base quickly.

“I was able to introduce a healthy product at a good price point that everyone was able to afford,” he says.

Reaching higher with Pursuit

When Ron was ready to open his own brick-and-mortar location, he started looking for a working capital boost to make it a reality. He was referred to Pursuit through the food council at a local mall, and he was connected with Pursuit’s Jim Paguaga and Nicole Scribner. 

“As an African American, you always hear these nightmare stories that you don’t get the same fair shake as a white man,” says Ron. “Yet they respected the fact I was a young African American entrepreneur. They were able to show me that my color doesn’t matter. They were interested in me because I am an entrepreneur.”

With Jim and Nicole’s help, Ron was able to secure a $10,000 SBA Microloan for working capital to help him open his own business space. He also obtained a New York Forward loan through Pursuit.

“Ron was ready to expand,” says Nicole. “The business was producing solid results in the almost 12 months they had been open, and they needed a bigger space.”

Ron also credits Jim with helping build confidence in himself, especially when he needed advice on confronting challenges to opening his brick-and-mortar location. Speaking on his experience with Ron, Jim says, “Ron’s business is a truly great success story for any entrepreneur — it was started as a good idea to help his mother in the hospital. But, it ended up being a great idea that the rest of the community could also be helped — Ron’s Six Juice Company did just that!”

Ron’s advice to business owners following their dreams

By following his heart and desire to spread awareness, Ron’s built a successful business that continues to help others live a healthier lifestyle.

Pursuit is happy to have been a part of Ron’s success story and is excited to see what the future holds for Six Juice Company!

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