PPP Borrowers Share How Their Loans Helped Their Businesses Survive the Pandemic

We were honored to be able to provide access to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to small business owners throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. When faced with COVID-19 related closures and restrictions, the PPP loan program helped small businesses get back on their feet and be able to pay for a variety of expenses including salaries and benefits, rent and utilities, interest on mortgages and more. To date, Pursuit has approved 6,491 PPP loans totaling  $476.6 million. Here are some words from our clients on the program.

Congress has passed an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program. Pursuit will continue to accept PPP applications through July 31st in anticipation of the extension being signed into law. You can sign up to apply at www.pursuitlending.com/pppapply.

Mullin Studio

“I honestly don’t think we would have been able to access PPP without Pursuit. We are such a small business and we could not access the program at our very large bank. Pursuit’s application process was straightforward and they have been great to work with since we obtained the loan, providing resources to help us understand and prepare for the loan forgiveness process. We are so grateful for the support during this time.”

– Emily Mullin and Gerard Mullin

Epiphany Blue

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Pursuit to obtain the PPP loan. Amid the worst crisis I experienced with my company, Pursuit made the process of applying for the loan seamless and stress-free. The time from completing the application to getting the loan was pretty quick, which was much needed and appreciated. To top it all off, Pursuit already provided a useful webinar on how to apply for the PPP loan forgiveness. All of the above says A LOT about Pursuit’s brand, character and commitment to small businesses! I am forever thankful.”

– Tamekia Flowers-Ball

Coastal Boat Sales LLC

“Everything about working with Pursuit has been great. I’d filled out several PPP applications before learning about Pursuit and I can tell you, Pursuit made it a breeze. The application form was simple, they contacted me a couple of days later with a few follow-up questions and in another day or two, we were approved. It couldn’t have been easier.”

– Paul Zamoyta

Globus Cork Inc.

“We have been very happy with Pursuit. Their online PPP application process was by far the easiest that we encountered of the several different lenders we contacted. Communications during the submittal were quick and simple and our PPP funds were received quickly. Additionally, we just attended a webinar with Pursuit explaining the forgiveness calculations, which was easy to understand.”

– Jennifer Biscoe


“Our PPP application process with Pursuit was impeccable. Once the second round came about, we immediately applied with Pursuit and got feedback in just a few days! Our application officer was also tremendously helpful with questions we had along the way. A huge thanks to everyone at Pursuit for your unmatched professionalism, dedication, calmness, and help during this PPP loan application process.”

– Ariel Barbouth

Illana Kohn LLC

“I want to say that working with Pursuit was over and above what I would have ever expected! Your organization was very supportive during the application process and now that we are working on the forgiveness part of the PPP program, you continue to surprise me with your answers to questions. I actually emailed a forgiveness question to the “forgiveness email address” and received a reply from one of your vice presidents. This has been a stressful experience trying to do things correctly but Pursuit has “held my hand” during the process and it is very much appreciated. Your organization has made the PPP process much less stressful!”  

– Marsha Kohn

Folia Materials

“The process was so easy and positive that I immediately recommended Pursuit to another company – and they got funded, too. Pursuit’s really driven to help small businesses – and they come through.”

– Jonathan Levine, Ph.D.


“We applied for PPP funding through Pursuit during the second round of funding after not being able to receive a loan from our bank in the first round. The application process was very straightforward and the online application was easy to work with. The entire path to funding was quick and painless and they’ve continued to be helpful and responsive post-funding. We are incredibly thankful to them and the Brooklyn Navy Yard for their help in making this happen for us.”  

– Anna Lee and Gordon LaPlante

Kalico Kitchen Designs

“I contacted Pursuit and was told they will be reaching out to me soon. Holding true to their word, they contacted me with PPP. This provided some relief. I am able to pay my employees and rent. I know the road to recovery won’t be an easy task but it’s one I am willing to take.”           

– Andray Hall

Sugar Hill Creamery

“We have so appreciated Pursuit/Prudent Lenders’ prompt attention, care, and management of all of our business needs. Applying for the PPP loan has been no exception. We first connected with Pursuit to apply for a non-COVID SBA loan to expand our business. Our loan officer asked if we had considered applying for PPP. Prior to working with Pursuit, we were told that applying for PPP would negatively impact our non-relief SBA loan and this information is what originally prevented us from pursuing these funds. Our loan officer clarified for us that we were misinformed. He encouraged us to apply and within a few days of our application, we were approved. The funds were wired to our business checking account shortly after. Working with Pursuit on all counts has exceeded our every expectation. Communication is prompt and the approval process is seamless. Thank you, Pursuit, for supporting our business.”

– Nick Larsen and Petrushka Bazin Larsen


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Get the business insights and answers you need to navigate your business loan options.
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Get the business insights and answers you need to navigate your business loan options.
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