Loan Closings: Week of July 15, 2019

Whether it’s to purchase real estate or complete a construction project, NYBDC and affiliates work hard to help small businesses meet their needs and accomplish their goals. Last week, we provided over $4.9 million in alternative financing to businesses all over New York State. Thank you for your continued partnership to make these projects possible!

  • $1,112,000 to purchase real estate for a fire sprinkler installation and maintenance company in Kings County, NY.
  • $325,000 to complete construction for a brewery in Delaware County, NY.
  • $155,000 for inventory for a landscaping company in Saratoga County, NY.
  • $321,800 to purchase real estate and complete a construction project for a full-service restaurant in Essex County, NY.
  • $2,920,000 to complete construction for a hotel and motel company in Bronx County, NY.
  • $150,000 to purchase equipment for a women’s clothing store in Erie County, NY.


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