How Businesses are Supporting Each Other and Our Communities: Contributions and Outreach

Charlotte Guyton

Almost every business is challenged to find ways to survive the pandemic health crisis, and small businesses, in particular, demonstrate both tremendous flexibility and generosity in challenging times. Competitors and colleagues band together to help, knowing that we’re better together and no one can afford to go this alone, financially or emotionally.

In this post – the second of a two-part series – here’s what we recently learned from owners in the food-and-beverage industry (on both the retail and distributor levels), a printing company and a health-and-wellness studio.

We know that our business clients are a generous and creative group. What are you doing to provide new or expanded services beyond your core clientele?

“We’re working with several people who have been fundraising to supply food for local hospitals, police departments, daycare centers, anyone who’s still working, to show our gratitude.”

Kaytrin Della Sala, Owner, Cuckoo’s Nest and Crave, Albany, NY

“Eight of our 25 refrigerated delivery vehicles are without routes now, and we’ve been trying to find ways to put them to good use for the community. Through our PR and political-outreach firm, Relentless Awareness, we made contact with the New York State legislature and the Governor’s Office to offer our trucks to move anything that they might need as part of the emergency response. 

Through social media, we also put out that our trucks are available to anyone who needs help with their supply chain. That could be a small farmer having trouble getting eggs and butter to grocery stores or a business that’s moving hand-sanitizer to Albany Med, anyone. We know there are needs and we want to help.

The first group to contact us was Feed Albany. They do great work and during this pandemic, they’re adding displaced restaurant servers, which is a group that’s close to our hearts and to our business, to their list of charitable recipients. We’re looking for a way to assist them.”

Spencer Noakes, Owner, Remarkable Liquids, Altamont, NY

“Along with other local businesses, we served lunch to children who attend Mechanicsville schools. And we hope to establish Twitter and Instagram accounts to continue to help other struggling businesses here.”

Glenn Read, Owner, Glenn Read Enterprises and Allegra, Schenectady, NY

“With the announcement allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages in sealed containers for to-go and home delivery orders, we immediately ordered supplies to begin bottling our boozy bubble teas as a way to generate an additional source of otherwise-untapped revenue. And, to support our local small-business friends and tea vendor, Short & Stout Tea Lounge in Albany, we ordered our supplies from them.”

Charlotte Guyton, Owner, Bard & Baker, Troy, NY

“At Cuckoo’s Nest, we’re offering neighborhood drops, with a set pick-up location. For example, Troy High School posts that we’ll do a food-drop, then people who live in that neighborhood call in orders and we meet there at a set time on a set day. That’s been going over really well. We also have extremely reasonable family-style options at Crave and Cuckoo’s Nest right now.”

Kaytrin Della Sala, Owner, Cuckoo’s Nest and Crave, Albany, NY

“Our fitness studio normally serves an onsite clientele. When we begin posting Facebook Live yoga classes, though, these will be recorded and available online, for free. So, people who aren’t our clients and who don’t live in our geographic area can still benefit from yoga.”

Bill and Nicole Laznovsky, Owners, WellNest Studio, Latham, NY

As we’re all housebound, social media is taking on greater importance as a way to communicate and connect. How are you using social media and is it different than before the crisis?

“We’re posting more than ever. Food pictures, specials, drink specials, new pricing. All the feedback’s been positive. Right now, the more content the better. We’re working as hard as we can to keep as many people employed as possible right now.”

Kaytrin Della Sala, Owner, Cuckoo’s Nest and Crave, Albany, NY

“We’ve become more active on Facebook as a way to promote our business and to develop relationships with other business owners who may need our services when they reopen or expand after the crisis has receded. “

Glenn Read, Owner, Glenn Read Enterprises and Allegra, Schenectady, NY

“We used digital channels for marketing before, but this aspect – moving everything to digital – is totally new for us. We’re learning quickly, though. We’re using Zoom, Skype, Facebook Live and others for online workouts. We also updated our website with a “Donate” button and the community has been amazing in response.”

Bill and Nicole Laznovsky, Owners, WellNest Studio, Latham, NY

“I don’t think we’re necessarily using it differently. However, the tone has greatly changed. Rather than promoting world-class beer and cider, we’re trying to find ways to be supportive within our community. As an example, we’re revising our annual Be Remarkable Clothing Drive to pivot in a way that’s helpful in today’s reality, by letting everyone know that we’ll use our resources and equipment to help, so to please contact us and make suggestions, ask for assistance, anything that helps.”

Spencer Noakes, Owner, Remarkable Liquids, Altamont, NY

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